Think you have what it takes to be my assistant?

Are you willing to invest your time in an 18 month paid internship to have the return of financial freedom, personal life-work balance and job security?

My goal is at the end of the 18 months, you will have your licence if you don’t already have it, a growing client base and the support and skill set to become a 100K a year colorist with Blonde. Or be empowered to begin your own adventure, your business with a great reference and 18 months of invaluable hands on experience under your belt.

If you are as passionate about blondes as we are, and if you have WILL and determination to be one of the BEST, I  will teach you the SKILLS that I have accumulated and mastered over the past 18 years as a colorist and blonde specialist, 5 years as a business coach and 11 years as the owner of Blonde.


Available to work the same schedule as me. Many days will be LONG. So if standing on your feet for 10 hours a day is difficult for you, this position is NOT for you. If you need a set schedule, or are not available evenings and weekends. This position is NOT for you either!

Available to volunteer your time to further your skills- this means attending trainings that we teach or pay for, in salon and outside of the salon. You need to have a valid passport and be able and willing to travel outside of Canada.

Hairdressing tasks include greeting clients, shampooing, blow drying, color retouch applications, toning, glossing, and applying treatments. As your skill set progresses- your responsibilities will increase. This will be assessed in your quarterly evaluations.

You will also be required to clean- do laundry, dishes, wash bowls, do weekly tasks, sweep hair, etc.

As a boutique salon, I do my own bookings, so you will be trained on front desk- calling/emailing clients, cashing out clients, confirming/rescheduling appointments, etc.

You will also be assisting me with operations involving running the business- retailing, inventory management, marketing, social media and so forth.

Explicit understanding of the retail we sell, the color and the techniques we use at Blonde. There will be a lot of manuals to read, websites to refer to on your own time to gain full knowledge of what we offer, so expect to have homework!

Dress the part- Gorgeous hair, make up done, clean and tidy nails and just looking great and looking the part ALL the time!

No experience is necessary, however experience is an asset. A hair school diploma is strongly recommended and preferred if you are to complete your internship in 18 months or less.

This opportunity is limited to only 1 ideal candidate at this time. Email your cover letter and resume directly to me at stacey@blondesalon.ca