Stacey Staley

Stacey Staley, Founder and Creative Director
Stacey is an award winning, internationally traveled and published hair dresser and salon business coach whose career started in 2000 in Kingston, Ontario. After listening to her clients over the years, Stacey realized there was a demand for a salon that specialized in all things blonde and where the extra attention to detail to makes your blonde hair look spectacular. After only a year living in Toronto, Stacey opened Blonde in 2006 with the goal of creating such a place and where a memorable, rewarding, welcoming salon experience happens every time you visit. Stacey and her team of Blonde Specialists will do just that and educate you on how to care for your hair and make you feel confident and beautiful as a result.  “The biggest return on investment is your hair and what you use on your hair. Gorgeous hair is more important than a designer bag or a pair of heels. You always wear your hair and your hair always gets you noticed first- whether it looks good or bad!"

Karissa Barnes

Karissa Barnes
Karissa was truly born to do hair. Her mother, a former hairdresser, was the first one to nurture her passion and curiosity for hair. At 15 years old, Karissa began making her dream of being a professional hair designer a reality through a high school cosmetology class and mentorship program. She then moved to Toronto to attend the Aveda Institute. Karissa joined Blonde in 2010 and has continued improving her skill set with numerous classes and trainings and most recently, a 3 day trend and technique work shop in Paris, France. She competed in the L’Oreal Color Trophy live stage competition and colored and styled for the salon’s 2013 Contessa collection.  Karissa has developed a reputation as a Balayage Specialist in Toronto and often has a waiting list for her hair painting abilities. Karissa is also passionate and well known for highlighting and lighten and tone services.  “I feel that it is important that I create a unique, personalized total look for each of my guests, and I can’t wait to create a look for you!"